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Childhood is fleeting and the clock is ticking when it comes to creating capable kids...

Dr. Adam Cox

Creating capability that goes beyond IQ

How do we foster the capability and emotional well-being of children and adolescents in the 21st century?  As parents, teachers, and mental health professionals, access to practical, science-based information is critical to success. 

Adam Cox, PhD is a leading advocate for fostering the cognitive abilities and emotional wellbeing of youth. Providing a revolutionary perspective in how we understand and foster child development, his books, presentations, and this website are geared to provide the tools needed to make immediate, positive changes in the lives of children and teens. Whether you’re concerned with helping children with special needs or maximizing the potential of the gifted, you’ll find help here. 

We can help you bring a program on-site. Dr. Cox’s presentations have been described as "life-changing, fascinating, and of "immediate practical benefit." We can all move beyond diagnostic labels and limited concepts such as IQ to pinpoint the critical differences in capable children of the 21st century – and most important – learn what we can do to build those skills now!


Locating Significance in the
Lives of Boys

Click here to read the Introduction to this unprecedented global study and and get the report to find out what boys really think is important in their lives, and what we can do about it. The full report is available from The International Boys' Schools Coalition


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Workshops and lectures for parents and professionals include:

On Purpose Before Twenty
by Adam J. Cox

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Read an EdNews interview with Dr. Cox about the critical role of executive control in education

Listen to a podcast of Adam Cox's keynote talk at the National Boys' Education Conference in Sydney, Australia.

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Also available, Dr. Cox's critically acclaimed books:
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